Sculpture Town – Vining, MN

           In a tiny town in the middle of central Minnesota that most have never heard of, lies a Roadside Attractions goldmine.  This is Vining- Population 68.  There really isn’t much activity here other than a gas station, a post office, and the sculptures of Ken Nyberg strewn about all over town.

DSCN0868 DSCN0864 DSCN0866The city park next to the gas station right on HWY 210 features the bulk of the series – an elephant, a pliers crushing a bug, an astronaut (an homage to Nyberg’s daughter Karen), a watermelon, etc.  There are more to found around town too. And out at his workshop.  And in neighboring towns. And all over the state.

Vining is a must for any Roadside Attraction enthusiast!

While in the area:  Glendalough State Park is just northwest of here, offering rest and respite for the working man.  And the nearby town of Battle Lake is pretty cool to check out too. Vining is near many different lakes too, so plan your trip accordingly.

One thought on “Sculpture Town – Vining, MN

  1. Vining is where my husband’s (Earl) family lived, and where he and some of his brothers went to school. We were back quite often for school reunions and fishing vacations, but the Sculpture Park did not exist at that time. I’ve often heard the Nyberg name when the brothers reminincest.

    I’ve lived in Marshall and later in Byron, so I have seen the Byron bear. I understand that there will be bear cubs created to grace the new Byron school.

    Ken Nyberg, your work is awesome–a God-given gift!


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