New Salem Sue, New Salem, ND

This is New Salem Sue. Built in the 1970’s, this 40-ft tall fiberglass statue commonly makes the best-of lists for roadside wonders around the country.  It is the World’s Largest Holstein Cow. She sits high up on a butte, facing the interstate, and is visible for miles from either direction. New Salem Sue represents the local dairy farming found in this area, and is without question, one of the best roadside attractions in the Midwest.


The view from New Salem Sue looks across the open prairie of North Dakota and to the rolling, butte country to the west.  On a clear day you can see past the horizon to the neighboring counties.  It’s worth every second of the drive off the interstate.


New Salem Sue has been begging motorists off the road for decades and for good reason.  It’s a roadside classic, a titan of the Midwest, putting this tiny town on the map and will be around for many generations to come.

While in the area:  Keep heading west and check out the Enchanted Highway, or the awesome old-west town of Medora.