World’s Largest Snowman, North St Paul, MN

Towering over the highway at 44 feet tall,  North St Paul has a resident mascot made of concrete stucco and painted white with a 16-ft wide smile. This is the World’s Largest Snowman, and he is right at home here in MN, where winter is the dominant season.

The backstory of this roadside giant is that back in the 60’s, the North St. Paul Jaycees Club built a snowman each winter in celebration of Sno-Daze, the town’s annual festival.  After a couple years of not much snowfall, they decided to put an end to that problem.  So in 1972, this happy fellow was built.  It was originally located towards the downtown area of N. St Paul, a suburb of the state’s capital, but was moved to an intersection visible from Highway 36, a popular twin cities artery.

He weighs about 40 tons and doesn’t melt in the summer.  He doesn’t have a name but he is the official mascot and logo of this town of 11,000.   He might be a bit out of place in the summer, but in Minnesota, he fits right in among the dozens of other oversized roadside giants.  No collection is complete without a picture of this guy.

While in the area:  If you find yourself near this roadside attraction, take Highway 36 right out to Stillwater, MN, one of the coolest towns in the state.  This historic river town on the bluffs of the St. Croix River has all kinds of cool things to do.

4 thoughts on “World’s Largest Snowman, North St Paul, MN

  1. It is just plain ugly. The body and arm shapes, and the paint job. I keep hoping the wind turbine will come loose and whack it down. Executing a crappy design in a very large scale does not make it art, even though you see it all the time.

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