World’s Largest Catfish, Wahpeton, ND

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming here at HighwayHighlights with another one of those World’s Largest updates.  This week we swing down to Wahpeton, ND, in the southeastern part of the state on the ND/MN border to have a look at the World’s Largest Catfish.

Located in the Kidder Dam Recreation Area on the banks of the Red River, this monstrosity is 40-feet long and weighs in at over 5,000 lbs.  It is made out of fiberglass and constructed by the same artist who built North Dakota’s New Salem Sue. Nicknamed “Wahpper,” it’s a grey-ish color and incredibly detailed. There is an RV park nearby and a public access launch to the river, which is known for its excellent catfishing.

The Red River is notorious for flooding in the spring, and it is said that the Wahpper appears to be swimming when the water rises up around his pedestal. This huge fish seems like it would be more at home in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but North Dakota is no pushover when it comes to roadside giants. In fact, this one might be actually give even the best of Minnesota’s Big Fish a run for their money, but that is certainly up for debate. It’s a pretty nice attraction for this nice sized little community in the heart of fly-over country. Check it out.

While in the area:  Wahpeton has a nice little zoo, a golf course, and just outside of town is the Bagg Bonanza Farm, a restored turn of the century farmsite on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Also south of town is the Dakota Magic Casino if you want to try to get hot.

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