10 Indians in Minnesota

Like most states in the US, Minnesota has a long history of Native Americans here long before European settlers found their way over. But in the roadside attractions world, it’s only right that we give a tip of the cap to the history of Indians that have long since been in our state, and we’ve selected 10 of the best statues that commemorate them.107_3359
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Top 25 Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

We’ve taken a stab at the most beautiful churches in the Twin Cities (there were a lot to choose from), as well as the best of the 52 Catholic churches in Stearns County alone, but this week we tackle the top 25 most beautiful and unique churches in the state.  The thousands of houses of worship range from old and historic to modern and simple, but the most beautiful and amazing churches always have a rich history and incredible architecture.


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Minnesota State Park Architecture: The Top 10 Structures

This week we take a look at some Public Works architecture in Minnesota and how it came to be:  the “Rustic Style” design of many buildings found in Minnesota’s State Park systems.  The idea behind this style was to blend in with the natural environment and often used local timber and stone to create the structures, all by hand.  Utilitarian, yet beautiful and impressive.2013-08-24 11.24.52

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Architecture of the Prairie: 5 More Gems

A few articles ago, we looked at some hidden gems on Minnesota’s prairie region.  And while Minnesota is best known for its more popular regions like the rugged, coastal-like North Shore, the pine-tree-and-blue-waters Lakes Country, the fast-paced Metropolitan Twin Cities, and the scenic, bluff-lined Southeast, the western 1/3 of the state often gets overlooked.  So here are 5 more hidden gems found on the prairie that must be seen to be believed.

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