Coolest Houses in Minnesota: 200-151

It’s been quite a journey discovering the countless beautiful, quirky, stately, and unique homes in Minnesota.  What started as a Top 20 quickly turned into a Top 50, then a Top 100, and finally, a Top 200.  The most ambitious project on HighwayHighlights yet, the tour of homes has led me in all corners of the state.  It seems there are always new beauties to see, but this list will conclude the experience.  Start at the top with…… Continue reading

5 Amazing, Quirky Shops in Minnesota

If you like to treasure hunt, there are countless options in Minnesota to find rusty gold.  Hot Sam’s in Lakeville is a fun one for the picker in us all, and antique-junkies know to head to hotspots like Crosby, Hopkins, Alexandria, and Stillwater to find their hidden gems.  But if it’s something really incredible you’re looking for, then check out one of these 5 stores to see what kind of unique treasures you can wrap your mind around. Continue reading

10 Beautiful Little Chapels in Minnesota

We love historic church architecture here at HighwayHighlights.  I’ve written about the beautiful churches in the Twin Cities, listed off my favorites in Stearns County, checked out 10 bizarre little churches, and even ranked my Top 25 in Minnesota. The countless houses of worship dot the landscape around our state, but hidden in the rural corners, in cemeteries and on bluffs surrounded by oak groves are the smaller little chapels, and here are 10 of the most beautiful.

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Coolest Towns in MN: 20-11

Awhile back I did a list of Top Ten Coolest Towns in Minnesota, and that article sure made the rounds. In retrospect,  I should have probably put Lanesboro in the original Top 10, but what’s done is done. Either way,  it was fun hearing the responses and recommendations from readers, which made it obvious that I had to do a follow-up.  So without further ado, here are the next ten!

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Prairie Architecture: Part 4 of 4

It’s been fun looking around the state at the many beautiful and historic structures built upwards of 100 years ago. On the western plains of Minnesota, the farmers, homesteaders, and the Works Progress Administration used what resources were available to build some of the most detailed, interesting, and everlasting buildings which are still standing today.  We’ve covered 15 of these buildings so far, and today we’ll wrap up the 4-part series with 5 more gems on the prairie.

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