Minnesota’s Top 10 Best Roadside Attractions

WTMNAs with any great top ten list, the candidates were many and the final draft debatable.  This list may never be accurate and I will probably change my mind next week, but it’s been determined that the following entries are the most interesting, unique, and definitive roadside attractions of the North Star State.  Let’s get down to it!

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World’s Largest Lutefisk, Madison, MN

Right now, most Minnesotans are preparing for next week’s Christmas celebration, and this year it looks like there might actually be some snow on the ground for it. Christmas is a beloved holiday here, meaning family get-togethers, days off from work, Christmas lights, and for some lucky homes- Lutefisk. While some consider Lutefisk to be a tradition best left to the ages, one town in southwestern Minnesota has even gone so far as to forever immortalize the much-maligned fish in the way we know best – a roadside attraction.

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A Tale of Two Fish – Garrison, ND/MN

Minnesota and North Dakota don’t generally pretend to be big rivals.  Both are very different, and their viewpoints on one another generally differ depending on what side of the river you’re on.  We share a handful of towns with the same name (Medina, Underwood, Golden Valley, Rogers, Crosby, to name a few), and some might argue that’s where the similarities end. Well that, and some damn cold winters.
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