Bald Eagle, Remer, MN

Remer, MN is a small town in north-central Minnesota not really all that close to anything.  It’s home to about 370 people, a couple bars and stores, and one great roadside attraction.  This Bald Eagle sits right on the main street through town, and is impossible to miss.  It sits on a stone pedestal overlooking the town.  Although not the only eagle statue in the state, it does stand out due to its color and detail.   A painted sign next to it tells about how the eagle is a salute to people who served for the country in time of war. It’s about 10 feet tall.

While in the area: Bring your ‘squatch hunting gear!  Remer was recently in the news for an alleged bigfoot sighting, and my recent travels there ended up with pretty conclusive evidence. And by that I mean I didnt find anything that could be considered evidence. Nice, quiet area though with a lot of lakes and pine trees.