20 Interesting Buildings in the Twin Cities

DSCN1199This list started out as a Top Ten, until I realized very quickly that narrowing it down to ten was downright impossible. Even 20 was difficult. There are so many, really. I thought about doing it by specifying only commercial buildings, or churches, or residential homes, but I didn’t want to exclude any. I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years and always thought the buildings were cool, but only recently have I come to truly appreciate the diversity of the unique architecture of the Twin Cities. Here are 20 unique buildings found around Minneapolis/St. Paul. Continue reading

Minnesota’s Top 10 Best Roadside Attractions – The Alternates

Awhile back I wrote an article discussing the Top 10 Roadside Attractions in MN. It was certainly difficult to decide which ones to include, but I stand by the list.  Then I got to thinking, how could I forgot so many other good ones? Do I go up to a Top 20, a Top 50?  How about an alternate Top 10? So without further ado, here is the list of the Top 10 Best Minnesota Roadside Attraction Alternates.

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Top 10 Waterfalls in Minnesota

Every nature lover enjoys a good waterfall.  It’s a fact.  Minnesota has a nice selection of them, especially on the North Shore and the Duluth area.  But there are others too. Lots of them.  I could have easily went to the top 20 with this list, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll keep it short and simple.  Per usual, it was a tough call, but here are the top 10 most distinct and alluring waterfalls in Minnesota.

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Top 10 Coolest Towns in Minnesota

I’m a sucker for small towns, top 10 lists, and Minnesota. So naturally this list wasn’t too far off on the horizon. It was definitely a struggle who to include though.  And, should larger cities like Duluth or Rochester be included on a list about “towns?”  Narrowing it down to ten was incredibly difficult too, when you consider that the North Shore and the southeastern Bluff Country area have dozens of cool little towns I could have included. So, I tried to give a good cross-section of Minnesota towns that are unique in character, scenic, charming, and just plain old cool.  Let’s get started!

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Minnesota’s Top 10 Best Roadside Attractions

WTMNAs with any great top ten list, the candidates were many and the final draft debatable.  This list may never be accurate and I will probably change my mind next week, but it’s been determined that the following entries are the most interesting, unique, and definitive roadside attractions of the North Star State.  Let’s get down to it!

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