Me So Corny: Big Corn of Minnesota

Minnesota is not typically known for its corn industry; that distinction usually goes to other Great Plains states such as Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Nor do we have a Corn Palace like our neighbor South Dakota. But the western 1/3 of our great state is covered in farmland, and corn is by far Minnesota’s biggest crop.  And just as recently as 2012, Minnesota’s farmers produced the largest corn crop in the state’s history, at 1.37 billion bushels harvested.  I’m no expert on the stuff, but I assume that’s a lot. Never missing the chance to capitalize on a roadside attraction, I suppose it’s only fitting that we would find these:

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Sittin’ Ducks: Statues of Blackduck, MN

After a brief hiatus, HighwayHighlights returns with a write-up about a small town up in the northern reaches of Minnesota called Blackduck. Like many other Minnesota towns with animals in their names (Pelican Rapids, Moose Lake, White Bear Lake, to name a few), Blackduck has commemorated thier namesake with various statues around town, literally of black ducks,  making it a roadside attraction enthusiast’s destination.


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