Top 5 Most Ridiculous High School Mascots in Minnesota

I suppose they get some points for creativity, but aren’t high school mascots supposed to be fierce, fearsome, and intimidating?  With every level from professional to elementary school, there are countless different mascots, ranging from animals to warriors to colors and everything in between.  Minnesota has some doozies, and in our opinion, these top 5 mascots are sure to NOT strike fear into their opponents’ hearts. Continue reading

The Witch Tree, Grand Portage, MN

DSC_0842Only a few miles shy of the Canadian Border, in the easternmost point of Minnesota on the Arrowhead is a small community called Grand Portage, and it’s loaded with Native American history and natural beauty.  Among the many points of interest here is the famed Witch Tree, or “Little Spirit Cedar Tree,” which is for the most part off-limits, unless you are granted access by the local Ojibwa Indians, which we did.  Continue reading

The Top 5 Most Underrated Towns in Minnesota

I often write about the things that make Minnesota towns unique, but this week I decided to switch it up and write about 5 Minnesota towns who maybe don’t get the props they deserve.  The state is full of hidden gems and character which can only be found by taking a little extra time to explore. So, look no further for the top 5 most underrated towns in Minnesota!

IMG_3755 Continue reading