Ernie Konikson’s Concrete Statues

IMG_3849Much like west-central Minnesota’s lakes country sees a number of towns with Ken Nyberg-sculpted attractions,  the Red River Valley of the North has a nice collection of concrete statues designed by Ernie Konikson, most built around the 1960’s. His medium was concrete, and subjects were animals (and occasionally people).  Four of them are found along towns along Highway 2, one along Highway 59, and the other on Highway 10, all within 100 miles of each other in the flat, farming country of northwestern Minnesota. Continue reading

30 ACTUAL PHOTOS that Prove Minnesota is Amazing, Diverse, and Beautiful

DSC_0009   Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles shared on social media with titles like “25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Move to Minnesota” and “15 Reasons Minnesota is Better Than Your State” and other click-bait articles that show a bunch of generic stock photos of lakes, snowy “winter wonderland” scenes, and random fields with flowers. I’ve been around the Minnesota plenty, and offer you my version of 30 actual, unaltered photos that prove Minnesota is not only amazing and unique, but much more diverse than people realize. Continue reading