The Top 50 Coolest Houses in Minnesota

There really was no feasible way I could search every inch of the state for the most beautiful, unique, and amazing homes in the entire state. But I sure gave it a lot of thought.  The only real criteria was that the home be historic and unique, so I looked to the National Register of Historic Places to help narrow it down.  I tried to use a good cross-section of different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, and it was not an easy task. But here are HighwayHighlights’ Top 50 Coolest Houses in Minnesota.

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The Top 10 Castles of Minnesota

IMG_0884This was a fun topic to research.  I’ve always known there were castles in Minnesota and have even photo’d and featured a few on before.  But as I dug deeper, many questions arose:  What exactly makes a “Castle?”  Surely a brick structure featuring turrets with parapets on top.  Maybe even a drawbridge or a moat.  And do “Ice Castles” count? Every winter there are a few ice castles that pop up, especially around the Twin Cities area. So we broke it down for you in this week’s feature, The Top 10 Castles of Minnesota. Continue reading