Coolest Towns in MN: 20-11

Awhile back I did a list of Top Ten Coolest Towns in Minnesota, and that article sure made the rounds. In retrospect,  I should have probably put Lanesboro in the original Top 10, but what’s done is done. Either way,  it was fun hearing the responses and recommendations from readers, which made it obvious that I had to do a follow-up.  So without further ado, here are the next ten!

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Prairie Architecture: Part 4 of 4

It’s been fun looking around the state at the many beautiful and historic structures built upwards of 100 years ago. On the western plains of Minnesota, the farmers, homesteaders, and the Works Progress Administration used what resources were available to build some of the most detailed, interesting, and everlasting buildings which are still standing today.  We’ve covered 15 of these buildings so far, and today we’ll wrap up the 4-part series with 5 more gems on the prairie.

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