The 5 Most Uncreative Town Names in MN

It’s always interesting how towns get their names.  Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes misleading,  and sometimes there are just plain old uninspired names. Here are the top 5 in Minnesota that maybe could have used some more effort.

5. Minnesota City, MN – I wonder what the criteria was here in naming a town Minnesota City. Not very much imagination, that’s for sure.

4.  Wyoming, MN – About as creative as Michigan, ND.

3. Big Lake, MN – There are a lot of big lakes in Minnesota. LOW and Superior come to mind- not this small lake near Monticello.   I think they could have tried a little harder.

2. Collegeville, MN – While technically its the men’s campus of CSB-SJU, I think they just needed a name for the zip code for mail purposes since SJU isn’t in any nearby city limits.  Collegeville it is. How clever!

1. Federal Dam, MN  – Come on, man!

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