Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN

This week at, we take a tour around the world – right here in Minnesota, at the Concordia Language Villages outside of Bemidji. This intriguing place, a summer-camp village consisting of 6 different “countries,” is located northeast of Bemidji in a classic Minnesota northwoods setting, deep in a beautiful forested lakes area. The Concordia Language Villages is a world-language and cultural education program that aims to prepare young people for responsible citizenship in the global community.2013-10-15 13.38.29 HDR Continue reading

Lucette Diana Kensack, Hackensack, MN

Minnesota’s most famous tall tale lumberman Paul Bunyan is found dotting the landscape in roadside attraction form. There are Bunyan statues in Akeley, Brainerd, Bemidji, and plenty of other towns, as well as his artifacts and representations of his blue ox sidekick, Babe. And in Hackensack, MN,  is Paul’s other babe, Lucette Diana Kensack.

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20 Interesting Buildings in the Twin Cities

DSCN1199This list started out as a Top Ten, until I realized very quickly that narrowing it down to ten was downright impossible. Even 20 was difficult. There are so many, really. I thought about doing it by specifying only commercial buildings, or churches, or residential homes, but I didn’t want to exclude any. I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years and always thought the buildings were cool, but only recently have I come to truly appreciate the diversity of the unique architecture of the Twin Cities. Here are 20 unique buildings found around Minneapolis/St. Paul. Continue reading

Soudan Underground Mine, Soudan, MN

107_3475I had been wanting to visit this place for years and finally had the chance this past June on a camping trip to Ely with my girlfriend.  Soudan is a small town between the Iron Range and the Boundary Waters about 20 minutes from Ely, MN.  It is famous for the Soudan Underground Mine State Park, which allows visitors to take a tour of one of the deepest iron mines in North America. Continue reading