Frozen Waterfall, Minneapolis, MN

Although HighwayHighlights has covered Minnehaha Falls before, we recently saw it from an angle that not many can say they have.  The waterfall, a 53-ft falls formation of Minnehaha Creek found in south Minneapolis, is a popular site for tourists and locals to see some beautiful scenery right in the city.  But in winter, the falls freeze up, and adventurous souls can brave the treacherous hike to climb up and around the frozen ice columns, into a cavern behind the waterfall. Those who dare to make the trek are rewarded with something beautiful and amazing. Continue reading

Birthplace of the Mississippi River, Itasca State Park, MN

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The mighty Mississippi River is the fourth-longest and tenth-largest river in the world.  It is the largest in North America and winds through ten states before emptying out into the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.  Civilizations have lived among its banks for millenia as it has long been an important trade route. Dozens of other rivers and tributaries pour into it, and the Mississippi acts as a watershed for the lower 48.  But aside from us here in Minnesota, do many know much about its origins? Read on to learn more! Continue reading

Stinker of the Week: International Wolf Center, Ely, MN

It’s not often HighwayHighlights likes to give a negative review of an attraction in our home state. But this week we take a look at the highly-touted International Wolf Center in Ely, MN, and reminisce about what a letdown it ended up being.  We toured the facility back in June 2013 during a camping trip to Ely, and left thoroughly disappointed. Read on to find out why.

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Top 10 Coolest Churches of Stearns County, MN

Stearns County in Minnesota, located around the St. Cloud area, is an unassuming, rolling-hills-and-farms landscape with occasional lakes and woods. Interstate 94 cuts right through the heart of it with St. Cloud being the economic hub of the area. Most people don’t know about its hidden gems – its churches. There are 52 Catholic churches in this county, which was heavily settled by Germans in the late 1800’s. After recently reading a book about these fascinating places of worship, HighwayHighlights took a roadtrip to explore them in person. We were blown away by what we found, and here are the Top Ten.

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