The Windmill Man’s Collection, Jasper, MN

IMG_0264Akin to Glenwood’s collection of Outhouses, there exists a curated collection of restored windmills just north of Jasper, MN, in the very corner of southwestern Minnesota just a few miles from the South Dakota border. They sprawl out over a 10-acre swath of land with a small creek meandering through.  There are all types of windmills here, all unique and with their own story.  Continue reading

Top 10 Most Unusual Houses in Minnesota

While traversing the state compiling a list of the Top 200 Coolest Houses in Minnesota,  we came across some truly incredible domiciles which people call home. It all came down to these Top 10.  If you have seen any weirder houses than these in Minnesota, please let us know in the comments!  Otherwise, enjoy the most bizarre homes in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

WWH Continue reading

Kensington Runestone, Part 2


In’s early years, I often wrote short, to-the-point articles about Minnesota roadside attractions and where to find them, offering a brief description of the attraction and its history, and often something else nearby if you’re in the area.  But as the site grew and I saw and learned more things, I now take more time to research, write, and edit the articles, often with more photos and information.  Today we’re revisiting an article I penned about the Kensington Runestone, with some new photos, insight, and information. Continue reading