Emmaville, MN: The Biggest Little Town in the World

Nothing more than a dot on the map, Emmaville, MN, Population 4, is a classic little tourist stop that consists of a gas station, cafe, gift shop and motel-and-campground all in one. It’s a place known to the locals and tourists who frequent the area, but remains a hidden gem to most others.  Part of the fun of this place are the quirky signs out front and around the building.

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Dala Horse, Mora, MN and Cloquet, MN

IMG_1015For those of you just tuning in, this week at Highway Highlights we visit the eastern part of Minnesota to a small town called Mora. Here in Mora, there are two Dala horses; one small and one supersized. The Dalecarlian horse iis a decorative, hand-carved toy for Swedish children back in the days of yore. Now it serves as a symbol of Sweden, much like a nutcracker statuette from Germany. Continue reading