Niagara Cave, Harmony, MN

IMG_3236 I have had Niagara Cave in my sights for many years, knowing it was without a doubt a Minnesota “bucket list” thing that I had to see.  Niagara Cave is located only a couple minutes from the Iowa border in southeastern Minnesota near the small town of Harmony.  The cave, which is privately owned, sits in the middle of rolling farmland just outside of the popular and picturesque bluff country. It gets its name due to a 60′ waterfall right inside the cave, a highlight of the tour. Continue reading

Mosquitos Attack! The Big Bugs of Minnesota

Perpetually referred to as the “State Bird of Minnesota,” the pesky, blood-sucking pest known as the mosquito is one of the very few drawbacks of the short-lived summer season in Minnesota.  They come out with a vengeance at dusk for about an hour or two every night and really never truly leave you alone, even after layers of stinky OFF! repellent.  Yes, the mosquito is a nuisance, but Minnesota has embraced the bothersome insect in the best way we know how – by creating numerous statues depicting our least favorite pest.

215452_816363738655_6729745_n Continue reading