10 of the Best Craft Breweries in Northern Minnesota


At the time of this writing, there are roughly 145 breweries in the state of Minnesota. So of course there is naturally going to be drastically differing opinions on what could be defined as the “best.” I’ve been to a good amount of them and I tend to agree that, like restaurants, probably the absolute best of the best are found in the Twin Cities.  But greater Minnesota has shown that they’re no pushovers either, with some incredibly innovative and creative breweries churning out some spectacular suds. And let’s not forget that a great location does not necessarily make a great brewery; the beer has to stand on its own too.  It’s a balancing act.  Here are 10 of our favorite breweries in the northern half of the state. Continue reading

UnBearably Good: The Bears of Minnesota

We’ve looked at birds, bugs, fish, moose, Paul Bunyans, and many other assorted collections of Minnesota Roadside Attractions in the past at HighwayHighlights.com.  But how about the bears? There are a lot of really bad puns I could use in this list, but the one I used in the article’s title will have to suffice.  Join us for a tour of all of Minnesota’s Bear statues!107_3220 Continue reading