The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH

IMG_5457The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH, on the shores of Lake Erie is truly one of those places everyone should see sometime in their life before they die.  It’s a big place. Jam-packed with musical artifacts and effects, it takes a couple hours at the minimum to see.   In here you’ll see it all – instruments, clothes, Grammy awards, vehicles, artwork, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Continue reading

The American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, OH

IMG_5740While in Vegas a couple of months back, I was able to take in the Neon Sign Boneyard, a mecca for old neon sign enthusiasts if there ever was one. The outdoor sign museum did not disappoint, showcasing hundreds of casino, hotel, and restaurant signs primarily from Vegas’ early years.  But lurking over in the Midwest in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, another similar museum awaited.  So I decided I needed to check that one out as well.   Continue reading

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV


When visiting Las Vegas, it can be overwhelming deciding where to begin amongst the staggering number of things to experience. There are many different Vegases; some go to gamble, drink, and party; some go to sightsee, explore, and learn about the culture, some go for the food, some for the shows, and a good number of us love to find the offbeat, quirky stuff – of which there is A LOT.  So on a recent trip, one of the absolute first things I wanted to see was the Neon Museum, found just north of the iconic Fremont Street Experience. Continue reading

Rusty Stagecoach Robbery, Monticello, MN

IMG_4680Most travelers motoring along I-94 northwest of Minneapolis have likely noticed something new along the landscape in the past couple of years.  A rusty, metal stagecoach pulled by a team of horses appears to be under attack by two bandits on horseback. A dog and a strongbox sit atop the stagecoach as the driver avoids capture and the other Pinkerton fires back. The scene of the crime takes place on the property of Keith Yaeger, a local resident with a fondness for the Southwest. Continue reading

Cross Rocks at the Blanchard Dam, Royalton, MN


There are very few places in the world where “cross rocks,” also known as “fairy crosses” or “fairy stones” are found. The only known places are certain parts of Georgia, Virginia, New Mexico, Idaho, and across the pond in regions of both Switzerland and Norway. And wouldn’t you know it, we also have them right here in Minnesota.  Cross rocks, technically known as staurolite, are found near the Blanchard Dam on the Mississippi River near Royalton, just northwest of St. Cloud. Continue reading