Band Box Diner, Minneapolis, MN

Tucked away on a triangular corner just south of the skyscrapers and high-rises of downtown Minneapolis is the iconic landmark, the Band Box Diner.  Rich with history and Art Deco flair, this quaint little dining car is as nostalgic as it is emblematic, similar to its unofficial counterpart Mickey’s Dining Car over in the Twin City of St. Paul. It’s a classic local haunt, one that harkens back a simper era of mom-and-pop diners and American muscle cars.

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5 More Minnesota Towns You’re Pronouncing Wrong

Not long ago I wrote about 5 Minnesota Towns You’re Pronouncing Wrong. That article really seemed to have made the rounds because it received a lot of comments from readers mentioning other towns in Minnesota often pronounced wrong. So naturally, a follow-up was in order.  This week, we break down 5 more towns that tourists and out-of-towners are likely pronouncing wrong. Enjoy!

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Minnesota Military Museum – Camp Ripley, MN

Minnesota is a state with some great museums. There are state-of-the-art ones like the highly-touted Minneapolis Institute of Art; the Weisman Art Museum; and the Minnesota History Museum. Then there are the quirky ones, such as the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting, Ed’s Museum in Wykoff, the SPAM Museum, and even a Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. And like many great off-the-beaten-path attractions, the Minnesota Military Museum seems to fly under the radar.  It’s another hidden gem, right in the middle of Minnesota. Literally.

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Pottyville – Glenwood, MN


Down near Glenwood, MN, along a lake cabin-studded road on Lake Amelia, there is a collection of over a dozen repurposed outhouses, each taking on a different theme. This is a project 5 years in the making, open to the public for free viewing during the summer months,  found in someone’s yard across the street from a lake home.  It’s called Pottyville, and it’s quite the place. Continue reading