Jackson’s Hole, Lawler, MN

IMG_4299There truly isn’t much in the near-ghost town of Lawler, MN, except a handful of dilapidated buildings and one lone business, Jackson’s Hole Bar. In fact, the whole area is pretty remote, somewhere off the highway between Aitkin and Duluth. But the little dive bar, a popular stop for the biker crowd which occasionally passes through, has something that no one else in the state has: hand-carved wooden barstools which are designed to look like little trolls, each of them different and quirky. Continue reading

10 Amazing Beaches on Minnesota’s North Shore


The North Shore of Lake Superior is a 150-mile stretch of beautiful, rugged, shoreline that often feels more coastal than Midwest, with lighthouses, rocky cliffs and outcrops, waterfalls, and tourist towns. And one thing that always delivers is the beaches.   From Duluth to Grand Portage, there are countless beaches waiting to be explored, all unique in their own way.  We got a chance to explore them a few weeks ago, and here are our Top 10: Continue reading

Naniboujou Lodge, Grand Marais, MN


The Naniboujou Lodge on Minnesota’s North Shore outside of Grand Marais, MN, has just as an interesting backstory as it does decor and architecture.  Located in an absolutely beautiful setting on Lake Superior, the storied history of the Naniboujou dates back to the Jazz Age of the 1920′s. The dazzling interior, especially in the iconic Dining Room, still maintains that original and unique feel. Continue reading

Top 5 Most Ridiculous High School Mascots in Minnesota

I suppose they get some points for creativity, but aren’t high school mascots supposed to be fierce, fearsome, and intimidating?  With every level from professional to elementary school, there are countless different mascots, ranging from animals to warriors to colors and everything in between.  Minnesota has some doozies, and in our opinion, these top 5 mascots are sure to NOT strike fear into their opponents’ hearts. Continue reading

The Witch Tree, Grand Portage, MN

DSC_0842Only a few miles shy of the Canadian Border, in the easternmost point of Minnesota on the Arrowhead is a small community called Grand Portage, and it’s loaded with Native American history and natural beauty.  Among the many points of interest here is the famed Witch Tree, or “Little Spirit Cedar Tree,” which is for the most part off-limits, unless you are granted access by the local Ojibwa Indians, which we did.  Continue reading