Coolest Buildings in the Twin Cities: 5 More

2013-11-16 13.23.09Not long ago I posted an article on the Top 20 Coolest Buildings in the Twin Cities. This was a difficult task because there are so many, and I didn’t always have a great photo of each of them. Plus I thought of plenty more almost immediately after writing the original post. Anyways,  there were 5 more I felt compelled to write about, as an addendum of sorts, to the original list.  Here they are! Continue reading

St. Cloud Superman, St. Cloud, MN

In his own mind, he is a modern-day superhero, saving the world from evil, corruption, and the St. Cloud Evil Horde, his arch-villains.  To the St. Cloud locals, he is a colorful figure, a crazy, loud-mouth, street-preacher commonly seen in warmer months on busy intersections decked out in a Superman costume. But according to the cacophony of propaganda on his website, he is the living embodiment of Superman, as well as a vulgar, hardcore conservative, and a caped vigilante set on keeping the streets safe from the injustices of the world.


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Minnesota Correctional Facility, St. Cloud, MN

2013-11-16 08.20.39-1

So technically you aren’t supposed to take pictures of this place. I suppose for safety and legal purposes, but then maybe they should post a sign that informs visitors of this, and maybe they shouldn’t have made the building so awesome either.  Within about a minute of stepping out of the vehicle in the visitors parking lot to try out some photos on a new camera, a black SUV with two uniformed officers pulled up and informed me of my error. Continue reading

Hjemkomst Viking Ship, Moorhead, MN

Vikings have a rich history in Minnesota, as I have written about before. Tales of Leif Ericson as well as other European Viking explorers here predate Columbus, and Minnesota has taken a great deal of pride in that.  But few things are more exemplary of that in our state than The Hjemkomst, an exact replica of a Norwegian Viking Ship that was even sailed from Minnesota to Norway back in 1982.

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