The Woodchipper, Fargo, ND

Most Midwesterners are familiar with the Coen Brothers’ 1996 Acadamy Award winning film Fargo. The movie is a crime-gone-wrong tale about a few bumbling criminals who stage a kidnapping for some ransom money, but it is most notably remembered for its over-the-top Minnesota accents, dark comedic tones, and the infamous “wood chipper” scene. 107_2195
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World’s Largest Loon, Vergas, MN

For those of you playing along at home, we head to Vergas, MN this week with another post about an oversized bird statue in our great state.  Just down the road from the World’s Largest Turkey in Frazee and the Prairie Chicken in Rothsay, is the World’s Largest Loon on the shores of Long Lake, in tiny Vergas, MN.

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Inspiration Peak, Urbank, MN

DSCN0840Just southeast of Battle Lake, MN, in west-central Minnesota lakes country, is another one of the lesser-known roadside parks that offers a hike to one of the highest points in the state: Inspiration Peak.  There is no admission fee, just a parking lot and picnic area, an informational sign,  and a paved trail up to the summit.

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