The Woodchipper, Fargo, ND

Most Midwesterners are familiar with the Coen Brothers’ 1996 Acadamy Award winning film Fargo. The movie is a crime-gone-wrong tale about a few bumbling criminals who stage a kidnapping for some ransom money, but it is most notably remembered for its over-the-top Minnesota accents, dark comedic tones, and the infamous “wood chipper” scene. 107_2195
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World’s Largest Buffalo, Jamestown, ND

Another one of North Dakota’s best is found in between Fargo and Bismarck in the college town of Jamestown.  Made of pure concrete and standing 26 feet tall, this big beast was built in 1959 by art students in the local higher education establishment Jamestown College. It was given the official moniker “Dakota Thunder” in 2010.  The World’s Largest Buffalo is too good of a stop to pass up.DSCN2320 Continue reading